New Toys

I just love listening to music in bed, right before going to sleep. You can close your eyes and focus, experiencing the music like a movie and less like the background noise music is often degraded to during the day….Continue Reading →

Site Relaunch

Noticed anything different about this website recently? I just finished a complete overhaul of my website. Because my web design skills are utterly hopeless, this time I just gave in and bought a finished template that I had fancied for…Continue Reading →

XBox 360 Elite

For the past two years, I couldn’t test all the XNA stuff I made on a real XBox 360. Whenever something went wrong, I had to guess and diagnose from the feedback I was getting from users. I’ve become quite…Continue Reading →

GeForce 8800 GTS 512 O/C

My PowerColor Radeon X1950 with its supposedly ultra-silent Arctic Cooling cooler was beginning to make annoying noises. Seems like the cooler’s bearing is broken after just 14 months of usage. I tried cleaning it out, squeezing some oil where I…Continue Reading →