Screenshot of the main window of AeroCapture


Tweet This is a small, no-nonsense screen capture utility that specializes in capturing single windows, retaining the alpha-blended drop shadow effect that can be seen in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with the Aero theme. Behold, a screenshot of AeroCapture, captured by… AeroCapture! Images are always saved to the “My Pictures” directory, named “AeroCapture*.png” with …

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Diff & Patch for Win32

Tweet When you have modified some the source code of some project you downloaded, but do not want to commit your changes to the repository or don’t have write access to the repository, the universal language for transmitting these changes to other people is a patch in the unified diff format. This is much better …

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Image Converter

Tweet From time to time, I encountered some image files that my installed tools couldn’t open or had trouble with (for example, JASC Paint Shop Pro doesn’t save TGAs with an alpha channel). Googling only reveals that there seems to be an entire market of dubious sites selling trivial software that any hobby developer could …

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A UML diagram being edited in UML Sculptor

UML Sculptor (unofficial)

Tweet UML Sculptor is a lightweight UML modeling tool for class diagrams. It is not a complete UML solution, it doesn’t do round-trip engineering and it consists of only a single executable file. But because of that, it’s exceptionally quick, easy to use and provides an excellent workflow. For example, to add a method to …

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Solution explorer of Visual Studio 2008 showing custom nested nodes

VS Project Assistant

Tweet After I was fed up with editing my project files in notepad all the time to synchronize changes between different projects and inserting the <DedendentUpon /> element in all my unit tests, I decided to write a small utility that aids me in these menial project maintenance tasks. The result of this work is …

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