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Ogre 1.8.0 for WinRT/Metro

Screenshot of Ogre 1.8.0 on Windows 8 Release Preview running as a Metro app
In March I provided some binaries of Ogre 1.8.0 RC1 that were based on Eugene’s Metro port of Ogre, allowing Ogre to run as a native Metro App, using the Direct3D 11 renderer and RTShaderSystem for dynamic shader generation. Those binaries no longer work with the Windows 8 Release Preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC, …

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Ogre 1.8.0 RC1 for WinRT/Metro

Screenshot of the main dialog of the Windows App Certification Kit (ACK)
Here’s an interesting hypothesis: when Apple started its App Store, it was the El Dorado of software developers. Now Microsoft is adding an App Store to Windows 8. The Windows user base is huge, much larger than even the number of people running around with iPhones in their pockets (some estimates I came across average …

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Mogre 1.7.3

My last contact with Ogre 3D had been in 2008, when I had created an experimental x64 build (back then, OpenJPEG, FreeImage and some other dependencies didn’t yet build in x64 by default). This worked out fine, but I didn’t find the time to actually do anything with Ogre. Finally, during the past weekend, I …

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7 Engines You Should Know

Logo of the CrystalSpace Engine
This post is not exactly related to .NET/XNA game development, but I like to keep track of what’s going on in the world out there and I still like C++ better than C# 😉 Having played the whole engine shopping game more than once, here are 7 engines I’d take a closer look at if …

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