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Why Beginners Should Start with XNA

Today, I watched an interesting discussion on gamedev.net where someone asked why everyone is recommending beginners to start off with XNA and C# whereas the entire gaming industry is based on C/C++. I would have expected to read something along the lines of “We recommend XNA because it’s very easy to learn and you will …

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XNA Vector Font Renderer

Image of the text "hello world" rendered as outlines, which each line a different color
I’ve been fiddling around with font rendering again this weekend. For my upcoming game, I wanted a cool intro effect like in some movies, where the displayed text is very very slowly expanding. But I couldn’t quite replicate that effect with the XNA SpriteFont class. Even with antialiasing turned on, the borders of the text …

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Screenshot of CEGUI# rendering its GUI into an XNA window
If your game needs advanced GUI capabilities, CeGui# might just hit the nail on the head for you. Marketese aside, this is a seriously good GUI library with Buttons, ListBoxes, Scrollbars, ProgressBars, Sliders, ComboBoxes and more. Being a port of the well known CeGui C++ library, it is not bound to a single graphics API …

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