The Inheritance Cycle

(Spoiler free!)

I’ve just read my way through 3 of the finest books I’ve had the chance to enjoy in my life:

I have to admit that I have a certain bias towards fantasy stories set in medieval times and that, especially if dragons are involved, it’s hard for me not to give such books a bonus in my personal rating, but still, I think the books in the inheritance cycle are very well written and provide excellent narration.

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Dragon Temple Trilogy

Recently, I’ve been reading books one and two of the Dragon Temple Trilogy by Janine Cross. This series has generated a lot of negative feedback from other bloggers. The funny thing is that some of them openly admit never having read the books at all, whilst others make absurd statements about what is supposed to happen in the story, so conclude yourself whether there is anything to read out of those “reviews”.

The heroine of our story, Zarq, grows up in a society where women are treated as inferior to men and even sold into prostitution on a common basis. Dragons are as common in this world as maybe horses in our reality. And althought the dragons are being worshipped as divine beings, they suffer a fate no better than the women, the vast majority being crippled by amputating their wings as hatchlings, only to be used as laying hens or working slaves.

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