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An Opinion on Unity 3D

When Microsoft pulled the plug on XNA (or rather, the moment Shawn Hargreaves left the team, but I have the suspicion that at least inside Microsoft, that’s more or less the same point in time ;)), I started looking for alternatives. At first, I toyed around with Ogre3D and its C++/CLI-based .NET wrapper "Mogre", but …

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IslandWar in Unity

I decided to give an old project of mine another try. Back in 2007, after I finished my freeware game Ball Race, I ventured forth to create my first indie title, IslandWar. This is what gave rise to a lot of the classes that can now be found in my Nuclex Framework, including the GUI …

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7 Engines You Should Know

Logo of the CrystalSpace Engine
This post is not exactly related to .NET/XNA game development, but I like to keep track of what’s going on in the world out there and I still like C++ better than C# 😉 Having played the whole engine shopping game more than once, here are 7 engines I’d take a closer look at if …

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