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Nuclex Framework R1404 Released!

A few hours ago, I uploaded a new release of the Nuclex Framework to CodePlex. There has been an intermediate release, R1323, which I didn’t announce here because it was more or less just a stop-gap measure to stop reports for issues in the old (old, old) R1242 release where my Nuclex.Input library was still …

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Nuclex Framework R1242 Released!

There’s a new release of the Nuclex Framework available on CodePlex! The new release adds a new library, Nuclex.Input, which is a very lightweight library that adds seamless support for DirectInput game pads and joysticks, well-behaving keyboard text input, event-based input and the ability to mock any kind of input in your unit tests. Instead …

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Visual Studio 2010

Two weeks ago, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 and with it, .NET 4.0. I’m very excited about .NET 4.0 because this is the first standalone release of .NET since 2.0 came out, meaning that it doesn’t bundle any of the older runtimes. As you may know, .NET 3.5 is actually just .NET 2.0 with some …

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Nuclex Framework R984 Released!

I just uploaded a new release of the Nuclex Framework on CodePlex! It has been a lot of work getting the GUI library finalized. For once, I really wanted to have 100% unit test coverage on the whole library, which meant a lot of work ensuring the design allowed for this and thinking of all …

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Nuclex Framework on CodePlex

The Nuclex Framework has been released to CodePlex today! Instead of only writing about all the cool stuff and then pointing people at my Subversion repository whenever someone asks for the source code, I finally sat down and published the entire Nuclex Framework on CodePlex, together with lots of examples, documentation and screen shots. The …

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