Integrating SpamAssassin into Courier

Please excuse the current flurry of Linux articles. I’m moving servers and this is my way of writing notes to myself and possibly helping out others. Normal service will resume shortly ;-)

This article is a follow-up to my guide on Installing Courier on Gentoo. As long as you have a working Courier installation on your system, there should be no issues following this guide.

Drawing of an arrow piercing through a stack of mail envelopes

Running a mail server without some kind of spam filtering is just insane these days. SpamAssassin is a nice solution, especially if you run SpamAssassin during the SMTP transaction to reject spam while it is being uploaded to your server.

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Installing Courier on Gentoo

On my previous system, I had used qmail (netqmail actually, which is qmail with some patches). Qmail is moderately difficult to set up and in its 3 years lifespan on my system, it has broken down on several occasions. That’s why I decided to use another mail server when I moved my domains to a different system.

Because the Courier IMAP server has never let me down before, I decided to give the Courier Mail Server a chance. Lots of people are using Courier IMAP to access their mail but Exim, Postfix or Qmail to accept incoming emails. Even the Gentoo Wiki contains various HowTos for these combinations, but not a single one for a homogenous Courier setup. After trying out Courier, I don’t see why, so this is my attempt to rectify the situation (and to remember what needs to be done for the next time I’m moving my domains to another system!)

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