Using Ninject with SunBurn

First, let me say sorry if I seemed to be absent for the past months. I was quite burned out and didn’t want to do much with computers during that time :).

My “XNA Game Architecture” series was left hanging, and right when it got interesting, too. I’ll try to find the time to continue where I left off. For now, here’s a small appetizer:

The letter N constructed from overlapping blue wave functions

Some weeks ago, Synapse Gaming offered their SunBurn Lighting and Rendering Engine for half the price. This was too good an offer to pass and so I now find myself being able to do much better lighting effects than I had ever hoped to achieve in my game.

The first thing I did was, of course, to adapt SunBurn to Ninject, a very tidy dependency injector that works on the XBox 360 and even on Windows Phone 7, into the SunBurn example application. This article gives a short overview about the overall structure and provides you with an example application if you want to give Ninject a try yourself.

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Logo of the XNA Game Game Architecture tutorial series, three interlocked gears

Game Architecture Day 2

Stylish logo of two engaged gears with the text XNA Game Architecture

Welcome to day 2 of the XNA Game Architecture series!

I have thought hard about whether I should just assume a certain level of object oriented programming knowledge in this series. People picking up these articles likely already have some knowledge about objects and design, so I settled on a quick run-over of the principles that hopefully won’t bore the seasoned developers and provide a good reference for people just starting out!

If you already know all this, feel free to skip ahead until it becomes interesting again or to the next chapter ;)!

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