XBox 360 Elite

For the past two years, I couldn’t test all the XNA stuff I made on a real XBox 360. Whenever something went wrong, I had to guess and diagnose from the feedback I was getting from users.

I’ve become quite good at remote-diagnosing problems. It didn’t ever take me more than 3 emails or postings in my forum exchanged with the people who discovered a bug until I had gathered enough feedback to locate a bug and fix it in my code. But that certainly isn’t how I want to get in contact with my customers when I start to sell games on XBox Live :)

Photo of a Microsoft XBox 360 Elite in black with a black wireless controller

That’s why, as of now, I’ve ordered an XBox 360 Elite, which finally has the right color: black. I just love black, I’ve got a black keyboard, black mouse, black mouse mat, my PC sits in a Lian Li PC-71 Black and my monitors are also black — erm well, at least their frames are, otherwise I’d be having a really hard time posting this blog entry, I think :D

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