My Screen works Again :-)

Last Friday (and I only now notice it was Friday the 13th :D) my screen stopped working. I dismantled it and found some bad capacitors, then decided to do a small foto story showing my attempt to get it working again: My Screen went Dark :-(.

Today the electronics components I ordered arrived and I could finally replace those capacitors I found to be broken last time.

Picture of the top side of my 204B's power supply board with the new capacitors in place

Soldering in the new capacitors was surprisingly easy. I remember that when I did this in my childhood, I spread solder everywhere except where I wanted it to ;)

Picture of the bottom side of my 204B's power supply board with the new capacitors in place

The new capacitors are in the lower left (the ones with the wires standing out).

After clipping off the remainder of the capacitors’ legs, I put everything back together (a test run without the case was impossible because there are three small cables I have to attach to the PSU board) and plugged in the power cord. And…

…it worked flawlessly. No startup flickering like before, no sparks and no explosion. What a relief :D

All in all, it took me about 45 minutes and wasn’t too difficult, though at least, a soldering iron and some solder was needed. The electrical components I used as a replacement cost me pretty much exactly $1. Oh, and $10 for shipping :-/

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