Ball Race – Day 6

My texture coordinates had some minor issues as well. Thanks to the “show normals” shader in ATI RenderMonkey I was able to visually verify that all normals and texture coordinates are continuous and correct. I also spent some time writing…Continue Reading →

Ball Race – Day 5

Have… to… continue! Yesterday, I bought Gothic 3. I have played all its predecessors and the entire series is highly addictive to me. This will wreak havoc on my development of this little project. Anyway, as I found out, it’s…Continue Reading →

Ball Race – Day 4

My wall geometry generator now produces proper normals for all the walls so the lighting should now yield the results I’m hoping for. Because I’ve never done shader programming before, I downloaded ATI’s RenderMonkey in the hope that it could…Continue Reading →

Ball Race – Day 3

The wall generation code has finally taken shape and generates the vertices for the walls exactly like it was meant to be. Vertices are optimally shared between the walls and no polygons are ever generated that the user wouldn’t be…Continue Reading →

Ball Race – Day 2

After finishing up the level parser with some minor tweaks and writing some unit tests which immediately highlighted several mistakes I then fixed, I began with the geometry building code. The level file format is really easy and anyone should…Continue Reading →