Ball Race – Day 6

My texture coordinates had some minor issues as well. Thanks to the “show normals” shader in ATI RenderMonkey I was able to visually verify that all normals and texture coordinates are continuous and correct.

I also spent some time writing code to generate the tilt knobs that will be on the sides of my mounting box and added code to generate polygons for the underside of the maze. So theoretically, you could now view the maze from below as well. This also makes my entire geometry solid, meaning that there are no leaks where you could see ‘inside’ an object, which is important if I decide to try myself at shadow volumes later in the project.

Screenshot of a maze board rendered with textures and lighting

For the rest of the day, I’ve been improving on my usage of the XNA model classes and then designed a little scene graph system, as seen from the current state of things, this is the cleanest way to decouple the scene from the game logic. I need the scene building stuff separate because I want to create a cool level selection system which renders previews of the maze. It wouldn’t be the best thing to always have the game logic all over the place when I just need an image of the maze!

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