Ball Race – Day 5

Have… to… continue! Yesterday, I bought Gothic 3. I have played all its predecessors and the entire series is highly addictive to me. This will wreak havoc on my development of this little project.

Anyway, as I found out, it’s not possible to load .x files with the XNA beta yet, so my original plans of modeling some stuff in 3dsmax will fall flat. Maybe I could use the Mesh classes to still get some vertices loaded, but since there’s only one non-dynamic shape (the knobs on the sides of the board), I’ll just go ahead and build my geometry programmatically.

After checking out some phong shaders I found on the need, I noticed that my normals still weren’t right for the walls. Turned out to be a minor typo. With some lighting, everything is looking so much better. I’d love to add shadowing, too, but I feel that it’s too complicated to tackle just now.

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