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Spell and Grammar Checkers

Screenshot of the Grammarly sign-up form in Internet Explorer
I’m not a native English speaker, so given the task of writing something a bit more involved than just a blog post, I decided to seek out a spell checker which could also analyze my grammar (things such as punctuation rules, mixed up tense and so on come to mind). The easiest route would probably …

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The Inheritance Cycle

Inheritance Cycle Book #1 - Brisingr
(Spoiler free!) I’ve just read my way through 3 of the finest books I’ve had the chance to enjoy in my life: I have to admit that I have a certain bias towards fantasy stories set in medieval times and that, especially if dragons are involved, it’s hard for me not to give such books …

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Dragon Temple Trilogy

Dragon Temple Trilogy Book #1 - Touched by Venom
Recently, I’ve been reading books one and two of the Dragon Temple Trilogy by Janine Cross. This series has generated a lot of negative feedback from other bloggers. The funny thing is that some of them openly admit never having read the books at all, whilst others make absurd statements about what is supposed to …

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