Tweet The intent of this article is to provide a quick but complete introduction to C++ exceptions. The exception handling mechanism, common usage schemes and performance issues of exceptions versus return codes will all be covered. So why are exceptions a good thing? Exceptions separate error handling code from normal code. This is a good …

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UML diagram of a stacked game state manager implementation

Game State Management

Tweet When you design a game, even if it only has the scope of Pac-Man, your game invariably switches between different, unrelated modes. At one point, it’s drawing the main menu, at another the player is steering his avatar through the game world, eventually it is rolling the credits. These different modes can be implemented …

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The logo of the LuaBind library, identical to the Lua logo except that it says LuaBind

LuaBind Introduction

Tweet Lua is a great scripting language for games and regular applications alike because it is fast, simple and well suited for embedding (embedding means putting the scripting language into your application instead of making your application an add-on module to the scripting language). Lua can easily be compiled and setting up a lua environment …

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Plugin Architecture

Tweet This article will guide you through the design of a simple yet powerful plugin architecture. It requires some experience in C++, using dynamic library (.dll, .so) as well as understanding of fundamental oop concepts, such as interfaces and factories. But before we start, let’s first see what advantages we can gain from plugins and …

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