Screenshot showing how to remove zero weights in the weight table menu

3ds Max Model Rigging

Tweet When I started my current game, I didn’t have any idea about model animation. The only thing I knew was the pure concept of bones (which are essentially a matrix stack: when the upper arm bone moves, its children, namely the lower arm bone and hand bone, move with it). There wasn’t much available …

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Screenshot of a root bone being added to a model in Blender

Blender Model Rigging

Tweet A few months ago, I published a tutorial explaining how you can rig a model in 3ds Max. It explained the whole process of merging a model (to reduce the number of draw calls), creating bones and making parts of the mesh follow those bones. Well, I was doing all that using a trial …

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Screenshot of the export settings dialog in 3ds Max

Mesh Animation via Bones

Tweet This is a follow-up to my previous tutorial How to Rig a Model in 3ds Max that explained the artist’s side of the work. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you to start there, if only to know the artist’s side of things. I originally planned to jump straight into vertex skinning …

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