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A Look Back: Gothic 1

A screenshot of the game "Gothic"
In just two days, “Risen” will be on the store shelves. Risen is the inofficial child to the excellent Gothic series, a trilogy of role-playing games produced by german developer Piranha Bytes. Because of this special opportunity, allow me to revel in ancient times and take a look back at the series’ previous games. I …

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Best Video Games of this Decade

Box Art of the Sacrifice Game
This is my personal list of must-play games in the post-2000 era. I find that often, my opinions differ greatly from the reviews in gaming magazines. For example, I liked DooM 3 because of its story, which I find immersive and fascinating, whereas most people regard the game as a tech demo for id’s engine. …

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Ball Race – Day 5

Have… to… continue! Yesterday, I bought Gothic 3. I have played all its predecessors and the entire series is highly addictive to me. This will wreak havoc on my development of this little project. Anyway, as I found out, it’s not possible to load .x files with the XNA beta yet, so my original plans …

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