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How to Consume DLLs in Visual C++

Screenshot of Visual C++ compiling a project and automatically copying referenced binaries into the build target directory
For the C++ game programmer, there’s a huge collection of Open Source and commercial libraries available doing all kinds of things from simulating physics, reading common image formats or storing your data to rendering cutting-edge 3D graphics. But consuming those libraries in you own applications is often accompanied with a bit of hazzle since you …

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Mogre 1.7.3

My last contact with Ogre 3D had been in 2008, when I had created an experimental x64 build (back then, OpenJPEG, FreeImage and some other dependencies didn’t yet build in x64 by default). This worked out fine, but I didn’t find the time to actually do anything with Ogre. Finally, during the past weekend, I …

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